METALLIANCE announces an order for 16 underground mobile machines for the High Speed 2 project in Great Britain

METALLIANCE (EURONEXT ACCESS FR0010492181),acompany specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment andmobile machinery, has announced an order for 16 mobileunderground vehicles for the Southern section of the High Speed 2 project inGreat Britain. These 16 vehicles include electric Rubber-tyred trains (TSP), electricMenriders with a capacity of 20 people and electric Emergency rescue vehicleswith a capacity of 30 people.


Under the contract, Metalliance will supply the vehicles to Skanska,Costain and STRABAG (SCS), with HS2 as final client. SCS is an industry-leadingjoint venture involving partners with worldwide high-speed rail experience andextensive national and regional knowledge. The project will take just over ayear to complete, with deliveries scheduled between March 2022 and April 2023.Metalliance is in charge of the design, manufacturing, delivery to the customersite, commissioning and on-site testing.


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