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In order to build the future that our next generation deserves, we must take appropriate steps  to stop the carbonization of our atmosphere.

We are the first generation to experience the lasting impact of climate change, and the last generation with the chance to act before its too late.

We are convinced that we can act now…

Gaussin wants to be part of this climate initiative, because innovation with purpose has been in our DNA for four generations.

“Each Gaussin generation has brought a major technological innovation.
For over 10 years now, i have decided to innovate to make transportation more responsible
and efficient.”

Through a continuous and sustainable investment in research and development, we imagine, design and manufacture breakthrough electric and smart transportation solutions that put customer first.

Christophe Gaussin
CEO Gaussin Group

We are inventors
and doers

A perfect of mix of minds from different backgrounds sharing the same vision.

We are focused on creating solutions that both shift consumer mindsets and inspire other companies to fundamentally change the way they develop products.

Working how you always have, can only get you so far

Instead of attempting to retrofit existing products and outmoded practices, we face challenges head on.
We have created original concepts from a blank page, and develop new technologies in order to build our native zero-emission and autonomous vehicles.

We believe that sharing our assets to local and regional licensee partners will enable global deployments of our solutions, and accelerate the transition to zero-emission freight transportation and people mobility.

Our strategy

Pioneering Sustainable Energies and Smart Mobility

Strategic partnership and regional ecosystems

Asset light

with key customers


Focus on high growth and diversified markets

Market penetration and development through profitable growth

Scalable through
Licensing model


A talented team for a great vision.
Without great people, we can’t transform industries or create new ones.

We are inventors, builders, and doers, passionate and purposeful in the work we do.

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Driven Innovation

Mobility is a core element of our lives and has a significant
impact on economic and social development

At the same time, the transportation sector is the main source of environmental pollution.
It is the leading sector in the emission of greenhouse gases and consumption of petroleum products.

We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air, and as a forward-thinking leader in clean technologies for mobility, we’re confident that we can help to reverse this adverse trend.

By exploring renewable materials, sustainable manufacturing concepts through licensing, innovative processes, and developing new clean energy technologies, we’re confident that we can leave this planet a better place than we found it.

We are working on solutions to deliver our customer’s needs with the minimum environmental impact: from raw materials through manufacture and service; to end-of-life reuse or recycling.


Gaussin Virtual Driver

In addition to our strong focus on zero-emission transportation, Gaussin is focused on making goods movement faster and safer. Our goal is to make our self-driving vehicles safer than with human drivers.

Since 2013, Gaussin has developed its own Autonomous Driving systems, and has integrated world-class partner modules to provide the most efficient turnkey solution for yard and terminal automation.

Our Autonomous driving stack includes industry-leading components to enable fully autonomous operations for mixed traffic within gated areas.

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Our vehicles are available in FULL ELEC (BEV) and FUEL CELL/HYDROGEN (FCEV) versions.

One common electric platform, multiple sources of electricity.

Both our BEV and FCEV versions share a single modular vehicle architecture.

BEV and FCEV vehicles are complementary, support diverse needs and provide benefits  across a variety of use cases.

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2024 Gender Equality Index

In France,companies are required by law to publish an annual gender equality index. The 100-point index is calculated based on five indicators: the gender pay gap; thegap in compensation for individual pay rises; the gap in compensation for promotions; the percentage of employees receiving a pay rise on return frommaternity leave; and parity among the 10 highest earners.

The index enableseach company to assess where it stands, and to take steps to improve thesituation in terms of gender equality.

GAUSSIN SA scores 41/100 for 2023 
Index 2024 for 2023 data

Index 2024 de l’égalité femme-homme

Depuis la loi sur la Liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel, les entreprises ont l’obligation de publier annuellement un index de l’égalité professionnel femme-homme.

L’index, sur 100 points, se calcule à partir de cinq indicateurs :  l’écart de rémunération femmes-hommes ; l’écart de rémunération des augmentations individuelles (index non pris en compte dans le calcul en raison des effectifs de GAUSSIN SA), l’écart de réparation des promotions, pourcentage de salariées augmentées au retour d’un congé maternité ; la parité parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations.

L’index permet à chaque entreprise d’évaluer ou elle se situe, et d’engager des mesures pour améliorer la situation en matière d’égalité femme-homme.
GAUSSIN SA obtient une note de 41/100 pour l’année 2023
Index 2024 au titre des données 2023

Écarts des rémunérations  femmes-hommes 0/40
Écart de rémunération des augmentations  individuelles 35/35
Pourcentages de femmes augmentées à leurs  retours de congé maternité INCALCULABLE
Nombre de salariés du sexe sous représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations 0/10

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