H2 Powered Generator

POWERPACK® H2 for static application : a compact, modular and versatile technology that packages all the components for energy generation.

This patented zero-emission fuel cell technology supports application as a back-up power solution alternative to diesel generators.

Providing power whenever and wherever you need it, Gaussin's H2 Power Generator range incorporates state-of-the-art hydrogen fuel cell technology to produce electricity from hydrogen.

Variety of applications

Gaussin fuel cell generator supports a wide range of commercial and industrial off-grid applications, such as construction machinery, datacenter, task lighting…


Fuell Cell M

15 kW / 10 kg H2 tank

Fuell Cell L

60 kW / 30 kg H2 tank

Fuell Cell XL

125 kW or 250 kW / 160 kg H2 tank

Reduced Operating Cost

Lighter weight

Smaller footprint.

Quiet operation

Gaussin H2 powered generator is totally silent, providing an ideal power solution for outdoor and indoor environments where noise pollution must be avoided.

Operates in all weather conditions

The H2 powered generator has been designed to operate  in extreme temperatures between -30°C and 60°C

Emission-free Back up Power using hydrogen as source of energy.

Hydrogen is stored in a pressurized container and oxygen is taken from the air. Because of the absence of combustion, there are no harmful emissions, and the only by-product is pure water

A perfect solution for sensitive areas such as near water, in tunnels and other restricted spaces.
Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and the cleanest and most efficient fuel source of energy.

Where virtually all other fuel sources produce carbon dioxide or some other harmful emission as a byproduct of their consumption, utilizing hydrogen in fuel cells only produces electricity, water, and heat.

The specifics of the production process, including the energy source utilized, determine whether hydrogen is green or blue.

Blue hydrogen

Blue hydrogen is produced when natural gas is split into hydrogen and CO2 either by Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) or Auto Thermal Reforming (ATR), but the CO2 is captured and then stored. Since the greenhouse gases are captured, this mitigates the environmental impacts on the planet.

The ‘capturing’ is done through a process called Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS). More about that in due course.

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen is produced by splitting water by electrolysis. This produces only hydrogen and oxygen. We can utilize the hydrogen, while venting the oxygen to the atmosphere with no negative impact.

Electricity is required for the process of electrolysis, and Green hydrogen is powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar. This makes green hydrogen the cleanest option.

The H2 POWERPACK contains the fuel cell and sub-systems to convert hydrogen to electricity.

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