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The TT Gaussin is the perfect combination with terminal tractor for the transport of ISO containers.
With more than 2000 terminal trailers sold around the world to the largest port operators, the TT is a proven solution for its robustness and innovative functionality to increase operational safety and performance.
With a capacity of 70T in single or double axles and a reinforced chassis with more than 20 years of experience in transporting containers in extreme environments, TT is a reference on the market.


Over the years, the Gaussin Terminal Trailer has become a world reference.

The problems encountered by our customers push us to constantly innovate to offer robust solutions to improve the daily life of crane and tractor drivers.

Our new TT 2017 offers new features and evolution :
-A redesigned side guides to avoid shocks with containers that can cause severe damage
-An Inner lighting system of side guides to drastically improve their visibility by the crane drivers during the loadnig/unloading of container so that they can be more productive and reduce their fatigue at work.
-An evolution of the chassis to limit the stresses and thus increase its robustness and its lifespan
-A Twist lock detection system to alert the driver in the event of forgetfulness
-A Tire pressure measurement system
-An automatic recognition of the tractor number and its display on the rear LED screen of the trailer.
-A Side protection system to prevent the passage of external elements under the trailer.

Main technical specification

Type of cargo

ISO Containers
Other type with minor modification


70 tons capacity


Reinforced Chassis "Ibeam" Design
1 front guide, 1 rear guide
8 side guides
Rear and side ladder

Very low deflection at max load
High guide bending radius to avoid container damage
Painting for maritime areas with high salinity

Total lenght

14165 mm

Total width with guides

2720 mm

Platform Height with guides

1900 mm

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