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Gaz Powerpack

The Powerpack Gas is a module of the ATT hydraulic range that integrates all the technologies needed for power generation.

It is aimed at Port Operators who place natural gas at the heart of their energy strategy.

Designed specifically to ensure maximum availability during preventive maintenance (oil, filter), the powerpack can be extracted and replaced in a few minutes.

For the same fuel consumption, the combustion of gas emits 12% less CO2 than a diesel engine.

Gas-powered motors are twice as quiet and generate less vibration.

These major advantages make Powerpack Gaz an efficient solution to meet the growing demand for cleaner and efficient solutions.

The use of GNV has been consolidated in the world for 20 years.

Between 1990 and 2010, the number of GNV vehicles increased by 18% per year worldwide, reaching 13 million vehicles.

A clean solution designed for Performance

The Gaz Powerpack is equipped with a Cummins ISL GeEV 300 gaz engine of 224 Kw and a 70 liter tank (15 ° C, 140 bar).
It can operate with 2 types of gas: CNG or LNG

CNG = Compressed Natural Gas, also known as NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) or GNV (Natural Gas Vehicle)
The gas is stored under a pressure of 200 bar at ambient temperature (15 ° C.)

LNG = Liquified Natural Gas
The gas is stored under a pressure of a few bar and at very low temperature (eg 8 bar at -135 ° C.)

In terms of on-board energy: 1 liter of diesel = 5.2 liters of CNG = 1.8 liters of LNG.

The Powerpack Gas is interchangeable with the Diesel Powerpack.

General Technical Specification


Hydraulic Gas
CUMMINS gas Engine
Type: ISL GeEV 300, 8.9 L
Puissance : 224 kW


Lenght: 3230 mm
Width : 1390 mm
Height: 1320 mm


Gaz tank capacity : 70 liters (15°C, 140 bar)


Automatic STOP&START for significant energy savings


Decoupling et replacement of the Powerpack in minutes thanks to anti-pollution quick coupling connectors.


Designed for easy accessibility during maintenance operation
Parts access from all sides for a quick change of filters and oil.

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