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Full Electric Powerpack

Gaussin developped electric vehicles for more than 20 years in order to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that impacts health, climate and the environment.

The full electric powerpack developed with the CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commissariat) has been designed in the continuity of this approach and with the aim of to bring solutions to the Port Operators  encouraged by government green initiatives.

Many cities with density of population were developped around Ports, this reinforces the need for a green and silent solution for container transport.


A clean solution designed for Performance

Gaussin offers 2 types of Lithium battery according to customer applications

-The LFP battery solution allows an autonomy up to 12 hours for an average recharge time of 2 hours.

-The LTO battery solution designed for fast charging times of 10 to 15 minutes

LFP and LTO batteries are recognized for their stability and safety due to the absence of cobalt in their composition.

To increase the battery life, the Powerpack is equipped with the "COCOONING" system consisting of polymer resin panels and air cooling / heating system that allows the pack to be completely sealed with a stable temperature.

Powerpack full electric


General Technical Specifications


Lithium-Ion Fer Phosphate (LFP) batteries
Lithium Titanate Oxyde (LTO) batteries

Multi-supplier design

Battery Management System (BMS)
Drawers management
Synchronization of drawers
Cooling and heating system management


Lenght : 3230 mm
Width : 1390 mm
High: 1320 mm

Life Cycle and Cocooning

2700 cycles for LFP
24 000 cycle for LTO

Increased life thanks to Cocooning System

Insulated batteries with Polymer resin panels.

Stabilization of temperature inside the Powerpack at 25° with cooling/heating system.

Operating temperature : -30°C to +60°C


Modular System with layers :
1 layer tiroir : 170 kWh = 8 hours autonomy
1 layers : 85 kWh = 4 hours autonomy
3 layers : 255 kWh = 12 hours autonomy

STOP & START et Energy Recovery System

Automatic shutdown and restart of Powerpack according to operating times

Integrated energy recovery and dissipation system


Disconnection and replacement of the Powerpack in minutes thanks to the fast electrical connectors

Automatic Powerpack connection and disconnection with vehicle and charger available as an option


No preventive maintenance required during of the life of the product


Charger 50 to 300 Kw depending on the desired charging times

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