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Powerpack Diesel

The Powerpack is a module of the ATT range that includes all the technologies required for power generation.

Designed specifically to ensure maximum vehicle availability ratio during preventive maintenance (oil and filter), the powerpack can be extracted and replaced in minutes.

Unique disruptive technology, the Powerpack combined with the ATT is the ideal container transport solution on the market.

Disruptive features

Port operations require significant idling times of vehicles under STS, RMG, RTG or ASC
To meet this constraint, the Powerpack is equipped with a STOP & START system to drastically reduce fuel consumption.

Designed for easy accessibility during maintenance operation, the Powerpack improve ergonomics at work and maintenance time.

The Diesel Powerpack is available in M, L and XL versions with 3 engine versions to meet different customer requirements and types of operations.

General Technical Specification


QSB 6.7 200 kW, 6.7 L
Power : 195 kW @ 2 200 rpm
QSL9 available for XL version


FOPS ROPS driving cab
Cabin 10 meters away from engine and tank
Steps and access ramp design for drivers safe acessibility to the cabin
External bumpers around en the cabin
Large front guide to protect the cabine from container potential collision
Rear camera to visualize container loading/unloading on the chassis


Lenght: 3230 mm
Width : 1390 mm
Height: 1320 mm


Gasoil tank capacity: 300 liters


Automatic STOP&START for significant energy savings


Decoupling et replacement of the Powerpack in minutes thanks to anti-pollution quick coupling connectors.


Designed for easy accessibility during maintenance operation
Parts access from all sides for a quick change of filters and oil.

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