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Docking station

Gaussin designed the docking station to decouple the operations of the ship to shore crane and the one intended for the stacking of the containers in order to improve the overall productivity of the port operations.

Decoupling operation and avoid traffic congestion

The performance of the Port quay crane (measured in number of movements per hour ) is higher than the performance of the stacking crane in the storage area.

This lag creates significant waiting times for vehicles to be unloaded or loaded.
Traffic congestion are very frequent in port operations and a large number of vehicles are required to ensure operations between the quay side and the stacking area.

It is for this purpose that Gaussin designed the docking station compatible with the Gaussin vehicles equipped with the "lift" system capable to load and unload indepedantly a container on a metal structure called docking station.
This "buffer" zone allows the stacking crane to pick up the container from the docking station or deliver it according to its availability.

This global solution allows brings important productivity increase for Ports or a logistics zone.
Teluk Lamong Port in Indonesia increased its productivity by 50% and saved millions of dollars after the installation of the docking station system.

Docking station


General Technical Specification


140 tons per lane
2 containers 20' or 1 container 40' ou 45' per lane
Number of lanes according to ASC width (5 ou 6 lanes)


High resistance steel metallic structure
Frequency generator for wire guidance
Scanner detection

Entrée en docking station

Wire guidance

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