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AMTS Automotive Multi Trailer System

The AMTS Automated Multi Trailer System is a version of the ATT vehicle, a revolutionary vehicle for port operations.
It responds to the growing demand for a versatile, scalable, powerful, reliable and high-performance vehicle to carry out port operations quickly and efficiently.
The AMTS can carry 2 to 4 ISO containers on a single trip.

AMTS Automotive Multri Trailer System

The AMTS in its modern version is composed of 2 sets, an all-in-one tractor (ATT) + trailer (TT) , thus creating a train to transport :
4 containers 20 '
2 containers 40 'or 2 containers 45'

Since all the axles of the trailer train are steering, the passage of the last trailer is identical to the passage of the first trailer

The AMTS Gaussin has been designed for areas requiring very short turning radius.

Only 12 meters are needed to make a u-turn.
Combined with the Powerpack, the AMTS is the most efficient solution on the market for container transportation.

Also available in trailer only version (MTS)

Gaussin also offers the MTS system, which can be connected to a conventional terminal tractor.

This exclusive Gaussin system has earned us a place in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest vehicle in the world.

By combining 30 trailers, Gaussin was able to create a 459 meters long convoy.

The MTS acquired by Maher Terminals was the first of its kind in the United States.

The customers below are using the AMTS / MTS Gaussin solutions in their daily operations
- Eurokai - Hamburg (Germany)
- Freeport Terminal - Marsaxlokk (Malta)
- General de Manutention Portuaire - Le Havre (France)
- Maher Terminals, Inc. - New York (USA)
- SNCB - Dunkerque (France)
- Cagliari International Container Terminal - Cagliari (Italy)
- Inter Ferry Boats / SNCB - Antwerp (Belgium)
- Voltri Europa Terminal - Voltri (Italy)
- Hupac - Busto (Italy)


Automotive Multi Trailer System

General Technical Specification


5 available powerpacks
Hydrid Diesel-Electric
Electric LFP ou LTO

soon : Hydrogen

Type of cargo

ISO containers
Other type with minor chassis modification

Capacity and speed

60 tonnes par remorque

Safety and cabin

FOPS ROPS driving cab
Panoramic view
Cabin 10 meters away from engine and tank
Steps and access ramp design for drivers safe acessibility to the cabin
External bumpers around en the cabin
Large front guide to protect the cabine from container potential collision
Rear camera to visualize container loading/unloading on the chassis
High comfort FOPS ROPS Cabin
LED working lights
Ajustable steering column and pneumatic seat Color Dashboard


First vehicule
Lenght: 16920 mm
Width : 2424 mm, 3150 mm avec rétroviseur
Height : 3148 mm

Additional trailers :
Width : 14165 mm
Height : 2720 mm with guides
Hauteur : 1900 mm with guides


Reinforced Chassis "V-shape" Design
3 modules bolted
1 front guide, 1 rear guide
8 side guides
Rear and side ladder
Specific painting for marine environement
Very low deflection at maximum load


Heavy duty axles
2 steerable axles on heavy-duty ball-race turntables

Steering between the axles is mechanical with 1 longitudinal steering bar, providing precise mechanical steering and excellent maneuverability

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