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AIV Automtive Intelligent Vehicle

The AIV – Automotive Intelligent Vehicle is an automated vehicle for port operations.

The automation of ports has become a priority for the major players in the port industry, pressed to adapt to the growth of container transported linked to the globalization of the world economy and the capacities of the new generations of vessels.

Competition between terminals and the need to reduce vesses loading and unloading times requires an increase in overall productivity from  port operators, reducing operating costs while guaranteeing maximum safety.

A turnkey solution for Automated Ports

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of automated vehicles, Gaussin has created 5 years ago a turnkey solution for automated ports over 5, including:

A modular automated vehicle from the ATT range
A navigation system embedded in each vehicle, controlling its movements and its safety,
A Fleet Management System (FMS), managing and optimizing all vehicle movements on the port terminal
The AIV has been designed to reduce energy consumption and meet space constraints.

The AIV is the lightest vehicle on the market, allowing it to significantly reduce operating costs.

Equipped with 2 steering axles, the AIV has a very short turning radius, enabling it to carry out maneuvure in a reduced perimeter in order to increase the efficiency and the speed of the movements.


Automotive Intelligent Vehicle

General Technical Specification

Type of cargo

ISO containers
Other type with minor chassis modification

Payload and speed

70 tonnes


Lenght : 14250 mm
Width : 2700 mm
Height : 1700 mm


Reinforced Chassis "V-shape" Design
3 modules bolted
1 front guide, 1 rear guide
8 side guides
Rear and side ladder


Single axle
front and rear steering axle
Hydraulic suspension
tire 385/65 R22.5

Lift system

2 cylinders with 500 mm stroke
Antennas for semi-automatic guidance inside docking station

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