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ACM - Automotive Container Mover

The ACM is a new vehicle that incorporates three functions for container handling in industrial parks. The ACM can operate outside or inside and in cluttered areas because of its specific height, which is designed to comply with average heights of industrial warehouses, and its shorter turning radius.

The ACM is intended to cover all industrial sectors where containers are used to ship goods. The ACM’s breakthrough technology considerably increases container handling operations since it is not dependent on other handling devices such as cranes, bridges and gantry cranes. It can also extend the possible space needed for loading and unloading containers on trailers.

An answer to the increased demand for automated flow in order to improve safety on industrial sites


Initially called the "U-shaped Self-Propelled" vehicle when it was designed in 1999, the vehicle was jointly developed with EDF. Since then this strategic client has equipped 8 sites in France with GAUSSIN U-shaped Self-Propelled vehicles. The specifics of each different client application have led to the design of a standard vehicle capable of handling containers in any type of area.


Automotive Container Mover used for handling containers

General Technical Specification



Speed with no load

20 km/h

Speed with load

10 km/h

Lift stroke

200 mm

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