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ATT®- Automotive Terminal Trailer

ATT®- Automotive  Terminal Trailer” – is the answer to the growing need for a multipurpose,  upgradeable, powerful, reliable, high per­ formance  vehicle to – quickly – handle port operations.

Developed  with  disruptive   technologies,   the ATT® combines a new style of vehicle with a unique motorization system to produce exceptional performance,  high added value and service life.


OPEX reduction and Performance

The invisible and key point of the ATT is its very low opex over the whole life of the vehicle: minimal  fuel consumption, low maintenance, easy to use and maintain.
The ATT  helps lower ope­rating costs but also lower greenhouse gas effects.

The extraordinary handiness and driving comfort provides a real driving pleasure in undertaking  precise ope­rations under cranes or for delicate operations.

ATT LIFT with Docking station system

General Technical Specification

Type of cargo

ISO containers
Other type with minor chassis modification

Payload and speed

65 tons

Safety and cabin

FOPS ROPS driving cab
Panoramic view
Cabin 10 meters away from engine and tank
Steps and access ramp design for drivers safe acessibility to the cabin
External bumpers around en the cabin
Large front guide to protect the cabine from container potential collision
Rear camera to visualize container loading/unloading on the chassis
High comfort FOPS ROPS Cabin
LED working lights
Ajustable steering column and pneumatic seat Color Dashboard


Lenght: 16920 mm
Width : 2424 mm, 3150 mm avec rétroviseur
Height : 3148 mm


Reinforced Chassis "V-shape" Design
3 modules bolted
1 front guide, 1 rear guide
8 side guides
Rear and side ladder


Single or double axle
Steering front axle
Steering rear axle with lift option
Tire 325/95R24

Système lift

Combinaison avec la docking station

Permet et la dépose et le chargement de container sans équipement supplémentaire

2 vérins avec course de 500 mm

Antennes de guidage pour conduite semi-automatique

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