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Engineering and innovation

We believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it, this is why Gaussin places innovation and customer listening at the heart of its company strategy.

Gaussin focuses its industrial and scientific research on reducing operating costs, safe operations and green energy.


Innovation is integrated into processes

Innovation is integrated into all internal processes of the company.
Starting with advanced marketing at the "vehicle excellence pole", the research of solutions for customers or markets problems through disruptive technologies is based on the design of robust vehicles and solutions in the various Egineering Departments.

This approach is part of a "Product Road Map" designed to drive and predict the evolution of  market needs and technologies.

This strong focus on innovation requires  a talents acquisition policy.

Gaussin have a large pool of international and talented employees to solve problems of tomorow and to collaborate with renowned industrial and technological partners, universities and laboratories around the world.

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