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Energy storage & powerpacks

The Powerpack is a vehicule module developed originally for the Gaussin Port Vehicle range.

It is a disruptive technology that decouples the energy source from the vehicle in order to swap energy while keeping the same vehicle or for preventive maintenance operations to ensure maximum availability.

The Powerpack is available in 5 energies to meet all customers needs.

  • Diesel-Hydraulic Powerpack
  • Gas-Hydraulique Powerpack 
  • Hybride Diesel-Electric Powerpack 
  • Full Electrique Powerpack 
  • Hydrogen Powerpack 



Powerpack as a power generation and storage module

After more than 10 years of experience in this port technology, Gaussin now offers the Powerpack as a power generation and storage module for customers wishing to develop their own mobile or stationary applications such as energy storage from  the photovoltaic sun's energy

With more than 20 Engineers specialised in this technology, we offer a customized solution adapted to your needs and the benefit of our know-how in the field of green energy management.


Powerpack Electric

The full electric Powerpack is a module that includes all the technologies required for power generation, developped with the CEA (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commissariat).

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Powerpack Diesel

The diesel Powerpack is a module of the ATT range that includes all the technologies required for power generation.
Designed specifically to ensure maximum vehicle availability ratio during preventive maintenance (oil and filter), the powerpack can be extracted and replaced in minutes.

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Powerpack Hybrid

The diesel-electric hybrid version of the Powerpack range is intended for port operators wishing to preserve thermal energy as their main power source while reducing their consumption by combining with the electrical energy from the batteries.

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Powerpack Gas

The Powerpack Gas is a module of the ATT hydraulic range that integrates all the technologies needed for power generation. It is aimed at Port Operators who place natural gas at the heart of their energy strategy. For the same fuel consumption, the combustion of gas emits 12% less CO2 than a diesel engine.

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Powerpack Hydrogen

The Hydrogen Gaussin Powerpack is an hybrid hydrogen / battery technology.
It consists of a battery modules and two Hybridization blocks H2 consisting of Fuel cell of 40kW each for a total of 160 kW.

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