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Powerpack HYGROGEN

The Hydrogen Gaussin Powerpack is an hybrid hydrogen / battery technology.
It consists of battery modules and two Hybridization blocks H2 consisting of two systems Fuel cell of 40kW each, ie 160 kW.

The battery element consists of a lithium battery drawer identical to those developed for the “Full Electric” version (700V / 80kW/h).

A clean and powerful solution

The functions of the module Hydrogen Fuel cell:

Increased autonomy
Additional power required for full power operation with a single battery drawer
To increase the battery life, the Powerpack is equipped with the "COCOONING" system consisting of polymer resin panels and an air conditioning and heating system that allows the pack to be completely sealed and the batteries are stable.

The Powerpack Gas is equipped with a Gas Cummins ISL GeEV 300 engine of 224 Kw and a 70 liter tank (15 ° C, 140 bar).
It can operate can work with 2 types of gas: CNG or LNG

CNG = Compressed Natural Gas
The gas is stored under a pressure of 200 bar at ambient temperature (15 ° C.)

LNG = Liquified Natural Gas
The gas is stored under a pressure of a few bar and at very low temperature (eg 8 bar at -135 ° C.)

In terms of on-board energy: 1 liter of diesel = 5.2 liters of CNG = 1.8 liters of LNG.

The Powerpack Gas is interchangeable with the Diesel Powerpack.

Specifications Techniques Générales


Hybrid Hydrogen battery

Compatible multi-vendor battery module

Integrated battery management system:
Cell Monitoring

Management of air conditioning and heating


Length: 3230 mm
Width: 1390 mm
Height: 1320 mm


2700 cycles on LFP batteries
Additional lifetime increase thanks to the Cocooning system:
Isolation of the battery modules thanks to Polymer resin panels
Temperature stability at 25 ° thanks to an air conditioning / heating system.
Resistant to temperatures from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C


80 kw.h of battery, the hydrogen storage being embedded on the vehicle


Integrated energy recovery and dissipation system


Disconnecting and replacing the Powerpack in minutes thanks to fast electrical connectors
Automatic Powerpack connection and disconnection with vehicle and charger


No preventive maintenance required throughout the life of the product


Charger 50 to 300 Kw depending on the desired charging times

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